– From 14th to 17th January. Maro, Nerja, Málaga. – 

Transfer to San Antón in Nerja, Maro.

Saturday 15th January.

  • 6:30 PM Lighting of «the bonfires» in the streets of Maro entertained by the charangas of Brass Town and The Crumbs
  • 9:00 PM Lighting of the bonfire in the Plaza de la Iglesia
  • 11:00 PM Performances by Elisa Ariza’s group and Proyecto Mandarina»
Sunday 16th January.
  • 2:00 PM Street party at the official booth with performances by the Alaba Group and dance groups from Christian David Callejón and Ángela Muñoz»

Tuesday 17th January.

  • 12:00 PM Holy Mass at the Church of Wonders. After completion, blessing of animals at the Church’s entrance
  • 6:30 PM Saint Anton procession through the streets with musical accompaniment by the Nerja Music Band and a fireworks display.

The celebration of San Anton in Nerja is one of the oldest and most deeply rooted festivals in the town. Documented since the 17th century, this celebration takes place in the village of Maro and is one of the most eagerly awaited of the year. The festival begins on January 16th with the typical bonfires that are made in the streets and at the doors of houses, where residents and visitors gather to taste local products. At 7 p.m. a parade of the Music Band takes place and one hour later the largest bonfire is burned in the town square, where the festival prizes are awarded. During the night there are performances and shows. 

So on Friday the transfer your transfer must arrive before 7:00 pm. If you decide to stay overnight we also have overnight transfers from Nerja.

On January 17th, San Anton’s Day, a mass is celebrated in honor of the saint, patron of Maro and patron of animals, at 12 noon. The celebration continues with meetings with family and friends and at 8 p.m. the traditional procession with the burning of fireworks during the route is celebrated. The party continues until late at night with a great popular dance party. The celebration of San Anton in Nerja is an opportunity to learn about the traditions and customs of the town while enjoying a great party.

For those who are planning to attend the festival, hiring a transfer service like to San Anton in Nerja, ensures that you arrive at the festival on time and in comfort, without the stress of navigating unfamiliar roads or finding parking. This is a great option for those who are visiting from out of town and want to make the most of their time in Nerja.